Our Mission

pony ...imagine a field... imagine a forest... imagine a tree house..... imagine a castle.... imagine a kite... imagine a treasure map.... imagine a rainy day.... imagine a sunny afternoon... imagine childhood.

At imaginechildhood.com we believe that children should experience the world through their own eyes, ears, fingers, and toes. That direct interaction with nature is the best way to learn about the world, and that open-ended imaginative play is the best way to learn about what it could be.

Part community forum, part storefront, imaginechildhood.com is a place where parents and kids can find their own definition of childhood.

On our blog and in our store we offer stories, activities, and innovative products that encourage exploration, creativity, and open-ended unstructured play.

So take a moment and imagine childhood... what do you see?

Our Commitment to Quality

Fair Trade Music Kit When choosing new products for imaginechildhood.com, we ask ourselves five questions:

  • Does the product promote exploration, creativity, and/or unstructured play?
  • Is it fun and exciting?
  • Is it Fair Trade and made of sustainable or eco-friendly materials?
  • Can it be reused again and again, and in varying applications?
  • Does it provide learning opportunities?

Although every product may not meet each and every criteria, we are continually looking for items that meet as many of these as possible. We believe quality products provide quality experiences, and that these experiences should have a positive impact on the world we live in.